Business lines

Imagine. Dare. Execute.
Yamed Capital is active in all asset classes
Properties in all sectors: residential, office, commercial,
hotel, industrial and logistics, specialised real estate (health and education)

At Yamed Capital we put our clients at the heart of our business. We understand and anticipate their requirements and offer them the best performance possible at all stages of the real estate value chain.

Our business lines provide private, institutional and public investors with an integrated and powerful real estate platform for investing, protecting and adding value to their capital in all real estate segments.


Yamed Investors co-invests its Group’s
capital alongside that of its clients using
tailored investment structures

Our Group has been structured to ensure that we are closely in line with the interests of our investors and in order to build up a trusted long-term relationship.
Our real estate investment vehicles benefit from financial support from our reference shareholder, Yam Invest, which provides long term strategic support.

Yam Invest has high investment capabilities due to capital of more than EUR 350 million and brings together talented professional investors and creators of goodwill by sectoral expertise.

The Group benefits from a circle of close financial partners and a network of recognised real estate investment experts.

Creating value is at the heart of Yamed Capital’s strategy and interventions on the real estate market. The Group capitalises on the experience of its shareholders and the 10 years’ experience acquired by Yam Invest as the reference shareholder in Cogedim, the French leader in high-end real estate development.

Yamed Capital has developed two leading brands in the real estate development sector: Yamelki (social housing) and Yamed Promotion (high-standing and luxury housing).


Yamed Asset Management offers its clients an
asset management platform dedicated to performance

Private Services Advisory and Management
Dedicated to private investors, private banks and family office investors: identifying existing assets, analysing options for adding value in accordance with risk and performance objectives, defining a strategy for developing an existing portfolio and a hold/sell analysis, and implementing the chosen strategy.

Dedicated structured investment vehicles
Depending on the desired risk profile and market opportunities: financial, legal and tax arrangements and implementing governance.

Asset Management and Investment Vehicles
Sourcing and selecting deals (especially off-market), due diligence, risk analysis, investment strategy and financial feasibility studies, raising and structuring debt, operational management of all stakeholders for making and optimising investments, providing investors with financial management and reporting for performance indicators, and monitoring regulatory aspects until investments/positions in funds are liquidated and dividends have been distributed.


Yamed Construction undertakes  construction project management
assignments and prioritises compliance with specifications, budget
and deadlines, as well as a focus on quality, safety and the environment

Preliminary studies
To confirm the feasibility of investment projects.

Contracting Authority Support in order to obtain an understanding of the suitability of the product for its market by defining a programming note, budgets and a provisional schedule. This includes organising an architectural competition, launching and coordinating consultation periods to select the project management stakeholders (scheduling/overseeing/coordinating, lab, topographer, structural/technical/fire safety project management, technical inspection, etc.).

Drawing up construction records and negotiating contracts with companies
Drawing up call for tender documents, organising calls for tender and awarding public works contracts.

Monitoring the performance of the works
Managing due diligence relating to starting construction, coordinating the drawing up and approval of plans, updating and monitoring the works schedule, scheduling, overseeing and coordinating the construction work, monitoring the performance and preparing preliminary and definite handover of the building.

Administrative and financial management of the works
Obtaining the necessary administrative authorisations, drawing up the list of companies and transferring this list to the contracting authority, collecting and verifying blueprints, preparing building maintenance records, drawing up a final report and financial report for the construction works.


Yamed Transaction comprises recognised professionals
in real estate commercialisation and advisory

Commercialising residential real estate programmes by optimising investment, marketing and stock inventory. Yamed Transaction is the leading independent central trading arm on the Moroccan market, thanks to a highly experienced team, a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) IT system and a computerised central call centre.

Defining a marketing and communications strategy, developing the pricing, implementing an on-site sales office with a dedicated team.

Comprehensive management of the sales procedures, drawing up monitoring reports, implementation and continuous adaptation of the marketing strategy and communication channels, delivery and handover of the keys.

Landlord representation approach: we support landlords in positioning and letting their property (marketing strategy, searching for tenants, assistance with drawing up contracts and negotiating).
Tenant representation approach: we support tenants with their real estate projects and help them throughout the relocation, extension and acquisition process (identification of real estate options and negotiation support through to completion of the acquisition/lease agreement).


Constructing partnerships and sourcing opportunities

Development advisory
Support during the comprehensive design of your real estate projects: market studies and market tests, optimal real estate programming, financial feasibility studies, architectural monitoring, strategic asset optimisation plan

Investment advice
Tailored advice on real estate investment for acquisition, spin-off, fund raising operations, etc.
Buy-side: finding investment opportunities that match our clients’ strategies;
Sell-side: finding investors/buyers; structuring equity pools:  Identifying financial partners, financial and legal and taxation structuring for the transaction, raising and structuring bank debt

Evaluating all types of real estate assets according to RICS standards; Expertise in equity participation, IPOs, acquisitions or sales, accounting needs, financing, etc.